That 80's Band (80s Variety)

Rubik's Cubes, Pac-Man, skinny ties and leg warmers. "That 80's Band" is bringing back the sound of the 80's pop/new-wave era. Comprised of Valerie Girl (Lead Vocals/Guitar), D. Lorean (Bass/Vocals), Mr. Hand (Keyboards/Vocals), Izzy Furreel (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Rubik Von Simmons (Drums), "That 80's Band" is a fun, high-energy recreation of the 80's music scene. This is not a modern version of everyone's favorite 80's tunes...this is as close to going back in time as humanly possible without a Flux Capacitor and plutonium.

The experienced line-up have the capabilities (and gnarly wardrobe) to cover the most popular (Madonna, Rick Springfield) to the nostalgic one-hit wonders (Aha, Tommy Tutone). So dig out your parachute pants and glove, jackets with lots of zippers, practice your moonwalk and check out this band...they're tubular. Visit the official That 80s Band web site.